22: Allow Yourself To Be Wrong – Melissa Ford

In this episode, Melissa talks about allowing yourself to be wrong to create an extraordinary life.


So much of life we’re putting up our guard and defenses in order to be right, but what might being wrong bring to us?


Melissa is a coach with over 20 years experience in coaching executives, entrepreneurs, career changers, artists and many more. She also helps business owners who are stuck transform their lives and businesses by making sales exciting, genuine and profitable.


Melissa is the co-author of a book called “When All Boats Rise: 12 Coaches On Service As The Heart Of A Thriving Practice” which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone offering services, whether they be coaches, consultants or any profession in which you want to truly serve.


She is also one of the best coaches I have ever come in contact with. The amount of service and care she puts into their clients’ lives is astonishing.



Thanks for listening!


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